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  Home Burglar Alarm or Intrusion Alarm

Burglar Alarm System for Shops

Burglar Alarm System for Shops

Fire Alarm System

Rising Crime in cities have drastically changed life styles. Today more and more people are looking at home security solutions. Our security system portfolio has a lot to offer for home security and home safety products. Our Alarms are of both wired and wireless  type. These home Security Systems are available in 4 zone to 32 zone capacity which can be connected to various type of sensors and alarms such as magnetic sensors for window & door security, PIR sensors are provided for intrusion detection and motion detection and are pet immune. These lists of alarms include a wide range of sensors like MAGNETIC SENSORS, SHUTTER SENSORS, PASSIVE INFRARED SENSORS, MOVEMENT SENSORS, VIBRATION SENSORS, MICROWAVE SENSORS, LPG GAS DETECTION SENSORS, SMOKE AND HEAT DETECTION SENSORS ETC. .

Burglar Alarm System for homes and Shops include the following features

    * Detects intrusion
    * Detects gas leak
    * Wireless & Wired
    * 24x7 remote monitoring
    * Easy to operate
    * Remote keys
    * warranty upto five years


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