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video door phone systems of Electrovision
video door phone systems of Electrovision

We offer single and multiple apartment Video Door Phone Systems. Also called Camera phones ordoor bells these are excellent products for Home Security. The Video phone enables screening of all visitors coming to your home at the gate prior to opening of the door. These Video Phones are easy to install. This high-quality video door phone system provides an elegant, self-contained package for entrance monitoring. When a visitor presses the button on the door unit, the LCD monitor screen, Color or Black & White, turns on and a chime tone plays. To converse with the visitor, you simply need to pickup the handset and talk. Hands free models offered by ElectroVision are extremely popular in Delhi.

The Video Door intercom system can also coupled to an electro-mechanical door lock system which can be opened from the video phone screen or by a remote from inside.

Multi apartment solutions are also available whereby one Camera with separate push buttons is connected to separate screens in multi apartments.

Video Door Phone (B/W & Color)

* Clear and bright pictures
* Visibility up to 25 ft. & more
* Crystal clear speaker system
* 2-way communication
* One year warranty
* Cast metal / plastic body weather proof outdoor unit

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