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Home CCTV Cameras

CCTV security cameras are the most preliminary inclusion of any Security Surveillance & video security system.

The range includes CCD/ CMOS cameras, Color security cameras,  Black & White security Cameras, Day and night cameras, Dome Cameras, Infrared Cameras,  Water-proof cameras, Weatherproof Cameras, Dome camera, Board cameras, C-mount Cameras, Bullet cameras, IP cameras, Network cameras, PTZ Cameras, Speed dome cameras, Auto tracking Speed Dome Cameras, car rear cameras, zoom camera and more

Surveillance cameras keep track of employees, locations, entry ways, and more. CCTV cameras have now become essential for 24X7 surveillance system requirements.. CCTV Cameras produce images using CMOS or CCD (Charge Couple Device) chips. The chip quality determines the quality of the images and the size of the CCD chip is normally 1/4", 1/3" or 1/2". Sony and Panasonic are generally recognized as producers of the best CCD chips.

Electrovision offers from its office in Delhi the most comprehensive collection of CCTV Camera. Our CCTV cameras provide high quality in terms of resolution and reliability with true to life specification factors, offering excellent video images. There are wide variety of brands to choose your security camera from depending upon your budget and needs. Amongst the top brands offered for CCTV Systems are Sony, Samsung, Honeywell, Bosche, Panasonic, Lilin, Yoko, Everfocus, Avitech, Capture and many more.

In addition to these, other CCTV Cameras are chosen on the basis of application requirements. We offer several professional solutions for CCTV Cameras on the basis of their application such as indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, night vision cameras, weather proof cameras, lighting conditions, environment, aesthetics and above all intrinsic intelligence, and so on.

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C Mount Cameras
1/3" Color Sony Super HAD, 0.2 Lux
upto 550 TV Lines, Audio Optional
IR Cameras
1/3 Color CCD Sensor Day Night
Weather Proof IR upto 100 Meters
C / CS Mount
1/3 Color, 530 TVL, CCD SensorSSNR,
.002 Lux, Day Night
Panning Dome Camera
  ¼ Color CCD Sensor,
420 TVL, O.8 Lux

Dome Cameras
1/3 Color CCD, Inbuilt Lens 12 V DC,
upto 530 TVL, Audio Optional

Day Night IR Cameras
1/3 Color CCD Sensor Day Night
Weather Proof IR upto 100 Meters



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