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Digital Video Recorders are at the Heart of every CCTV system, ELECTROVISION offers to its customers in Delhi and all over Indiathe best collection of DVR Technology. Pictures relayed by surveillance cameras are captured by the DVR. Our DVRs allow simultaneous live multiplex display,   playback, recording, backup, and networking. Our video surveillance system can include both PC based as well as Stand Alone DVRs. Our security systems can support multiple numbers of CCTV security cameras - from 4 to 64 and even more. While selecting video surveillance equipment for customers we take care to select DVRs that are intelligent have the minimum of following features:

Latest H.264 Video Compression Technology that improves video quality for live, recording, and network , minimum  file size and longest recording time, Lower bit rate required for fastest network transfer, Multiplex Operation allowing  simultaneous  live display,  playback, recording, backup, and network, Central Management System function for remote surveillance, Quick Search / time search, , Easy Backup  USB , DVD writer , and network, Easy Playback on PC, User-friendly operating system, auto recovery after power failure, Multi-area motion detection., operation of PTZ Cameras and many more.


4004HC Hardware Compression
DVR Card 4 Channel Audio Video
Real time recording

4/8/16 Channel, H264 Compression Networkable,USB,real time recordg With Audio, high resolution, storage
Stand Alone DVR 4/8/16 Channel MPEG-4 Compression Networkable, USB, real time recordg
4016HC Hardware Compression DVR Card 16 Channel Audio Video Real time recording
8800 Software Compression
DVR Card 8 Channel Real time recording
4/8/16 Channel, H264 Compression
Networkable,USB,real time recordg
4008HC Hardware Compression
DVR Card 8 Channel Audio
Vide Real time recording
4400 Software Compression DVR Card 4 Channel  Real time recording
PICO 2000 DVR Card 4 Channel 25 FPS non realtime recording

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